Why we love International Weddings in Copenhagen

Photographer: Carolina Segre

Copenhagen is becoming the new city of love, a picture perfect place to plan your wedding getaway.  We love our international elopements/weddings in Copenhagen.

Each month Cool & Cozy does around 5 international weddings/elopements. We love hearing these beautiful romantic stories and how these couples somehow landed in our little shop.

In the last month or so we have had some very beautiful walking love stories enter our shops. Starting with a big classic Swedish wedding in Copenhagen, with table decorations, corsage, bouquets and more.  Then the next week we had a cool Brooklyn couple who is eloping/honeymooning in Europe only to return to New York and surprise your friends and family. Not to mention one of our neighbours in Vesterbro who woke up on the Tuesday morning, and say to each other “why not get married today.” It is a great honor to share these moments together and we get to play a small role in your big beautiful story.

Yay for Love, all around the world! Contact us if you have questions about elopement/wedding flowers.